Student Activities

The range of activities at Delhi Public School is as broad as the interests of the students.

The Guest Speaker Programmers and Seminars bring well known scholars and outstanding figures in public life to the school. In this way the school extends the student’s view beyond the confines of the school community.

Special assemblies are conducted on regular basis and speaker is invited to address the students. There are house as well as class assemblies. It gives platform to the students to enhance their special skills and talent. Every week is assigned a theme for the purpose.

Exchange programmers are organized on a yearly basis with prestigious schools such as the Malaspina High School, Canada and the Lords International School, Pakistan. Each year both students and staff members enrich their education and training by interacting with their counterparts in foreign countries, and thereby make their education more ‘global’ in character.

Clubs and extra-curricular activities proliferate at the school. Trained staff help students to get started, run effective meetings, plan successful events, delegate responsibilities and develop leadership skills.

Cultural events are also held regularly during the academic session. Inter School events provide students with rich opportunities for the expression of their talent.

The school staff, in conjunction with experienced Outdoor Activities Groups, also plan and organize outdoor education such as hiking, rafting and rock-climbing.

It gives tremendous joy to a child when they go out in groups with their class and enjoy. To keep this in mind regular field trips and excursions are planned. This is our idea of giving exposure to a child.