Hub of Activities

Apart from the usual activities like art and craft, dance, music, sports, the school comes out with nouvelle activities to spring a surprise for our young learners.

A specially designed life skills education curriculum forms an integral course. We have an exhaustive range of aesthetic and artistic activities. To free the spirit and also to develop character and leadership the school encourages each student to participate in cultural activities and take a keen interest in games and sports. The ‘Thursday / Friday Activity’ is mandatory for all the students. There are several clubs for students to take part in.

They include:-

  • Music club
  • Sports club
  • Literary club
  • Coloring club
  • Environment club
  • Computer club
  • Public speaking
  • Personality Development
  • Radio Jockey
  • Fun with Physics
  • Cooking without fire

Art and culture club, inter class and inter house competitions are held regularly. We encourage every student to take part in music and dance. The objective of the co-curricular programme is to provide opportunities for students to gain a wider education than that provided in the class room. We encourage students to compliment their academic studies with co-curricular studies in recognition of the fact that such broadening of school experiences will be a great value while pursuing a subsequent vacation. The objective affirm the values of physical fitness and dexterity and the importance of participation and appreciation of the performing and sensory arts.


  • Hindi literary club
  • English literary club
  • Punjabi literary club