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Our preschool program has four dedicated classes

DPS Amritsar is among the most distinguished members of the Delhi Public School Society. It was founded in 2003. As a private institution, funded by private sources, it is known as an institution of learning that can be compared with the best in the world. This is due to its holistic approach in preparing students strong in mind, body and spirit, ready to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. It also inculcates, in them, a strong sense of nationalism, appreciation of Indian art and culture and taking pride in their glorious past and rich heritage.
The Students develop their own abilities and talents and discover their learning potential to the fullest, which is reached in an invigorating and competitive atmosphere created by excellent facilities, exposure and guidance by the faculty. A distinctive blend of the traditional and modern approach prepares and trains them for the interdependent world we live in.

Both the calibre and commitment of the school towards its students and the community have made it a path-breaker in the pursuit of excellence, firmly committed to the cause of education.

A world of opportunity…

For achieving excellence, the sky is the limit. At DPS Amritsar, the challenge lies both within and outside the classrooms – not only to impart information, but also train the students to comprehend and evaluate the new and to understand things both in their national and global contexts. It has been rightly remarked that ‘There are only two lasting bequests we can give our children – one is roots and the other wings.” It is to this philosophy, the school is firmly committed.