It’s truly said that “life is a voyage that’s homeward bound” but this quote seems misfit for the hostel at DPS, Amritsar. Here, the invigorating atmosphere of the hostel brings forth a wholesome experience. The students, on-rolls, gain a self-reliant and polished personality full of confidence. Most importantly they feel perfectly at home doing all this.FULLY AIR-CONDITIONED HOSTEL equipped with latest state-of-the-art-facilities offers an inviting and refreshing atmosphere.

CARING HOUSE WARDEN Sensure that your child is taken care of, in the best possible way. The MAINTENANCE STAFF consisting of MATRONS, AYAS, and HELPERS are trained to provide one with prompt services

DINING TOGETHERA neat and clean mess serves nutritious food.When the students from different vistas of life eat together,each meal becomes a special one. The menus differ according to different days of the week – Chinese, Continental, Indian, Italian whatever the platter offers, the bonding becomes strong.

WORLD-CLASS RECREATIONAL FACILITIES: Comfort is the watch-word. DPS provides a package of amazing recreational activities. ‘SPECIAL EVENINGS’ are organized to mark special occasions. It’s an ideal time to showcase dramatics, music, art, dance and much more.Specially appointed team of FUN-RANGERS looks after group entertainment activities.

WELL-EQUIPPED MEDICAL AND HEALTH CENTRE: A trained-staff works round-the-clock. In case of emergency, the patient is rushed to the nearest hospital for the best medical aid.

A UNIQUE ‘BUDDY’ SYSTEM is there for the new-comers. A buddy i.e. a senior student acts as a mentor cum friend and assists the new-child in settling down

OUTINGS AND HOLIDAYS:, Special days are marked for specific day-outs and holidays to break the monotony.

CELEBRATIONS GALORE: Birthdays are warmly celebrated with cake-cutting ceremony and other fun-filled activities. This way, the birthday becomes a memorable day of one’s life.

SUPPORT-SYSTEM: The support-system, as the name suggests is the backbone of the hostel. Following services are available:

  • Hair-Cutting Parlour
  • Tailoring
  • Shoe-mending
  • Locksmiths
  • Electricians
  • Carpenters
  • Helpers
  • Plumbers
  • Gymnasium
  • Reading Room
  • Laundry etc.

A COMPREHENSIVE SECURITY SYSTEM:The hostel is nestled in the school campus. Proper security system works round-the-clock and a TV SURVEILLANCE covers the premises.

SPECIAL COACHING FOR ENTRANCE EXAMS is also organized to help students widen their horizons and go for higher education like IIT, AIIMS etc.


Morning Session

Evening Session

The students are exposed to multifarious activities where in the morning session, they have an access to YOGA, MEDITATION, P.T. and AEROBICS; in the evening session, special coaching is imparted for different games by specialized coaches.



WORKSHOPS ARE CONDUCTED FROM TRAINED PERSONNEL to instill decision-making,leadership qualities and entrepreneurial skills along with value-based lessons.

CLEANLINESS AND HYGIENE :Emphasis is laid on the details.PEST CONTROL ensures a quality environment.The students imbibe the maximum “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.